We believe that small business owners are the back bone of America. They embody the true spirit of the American dream. Given the right tools they create the jobs and solve the problems needed to push this nation forward. 

Braustin was founded to serve the small business owners of San Antonio by working with them to develop the processes and procedures needed to turn their ideas into results. 

We specialize in long term sales funnels where follow-up is just as important as marketing. Where big ticket items command higher profit margins and sales are far too valuable to lose to a more disciplined competitor. We focus on the execution of ideas by creating plans of action, detailed road maps that give a step by step approach to a sales process.

Braustin Consulting Group separates ourselves from the pack by offering dedicated business coaching. We work side by side with our clients to develop a winning strategy and then supplement it with the tools and hands on training needed to achieve tangible results and secure long term growth.

Our mutual success is important to us so we only take on clients we believe have the desire and the discipline to carry out the plans we develop together. If you are looking for a high energy, no nonsense team to help you set your sales force up for maximum success, we look forward to visiting with you to see how we can be of service. 


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From Industry Leader to Start-Up, We Tailor Programs to Help Companies Reach Their Full Potential!


Find Leads

Find out the best way to find new, high quality leads for your company.

Work the Funnel

Use the most effective ways to move leads down the funnel to become happy clients.

Planned Follow-Up

Most sales happen after the 6th contact.  Avg. sales people reach 1-3 times.  Get a plan for sucess.


Bring to Market

Bring new ideas to market quickly and cost effectively.

Time Efficiency

Help your team spend time on what creates sales, not what keeps them busy.

Measure Marketing ROI

Know what the Return On Investment (ROI) is for your marketing dollars

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