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Running a business is a lot like juggling plates…lots of plates. Plates that all think they are the most important and demand constant, uninterrupted attention. At Braustin, we specialize in one plate in particular – the main course – Sales and Marketing

Entrepreneurs are often visionaries. Grand idealists who imagine a world free of one problem of another. Great companies however master the art of execution. They immerse themselves in a culture of action. Processes and procedures centered around efficiency become the life blood of the organization and achievement becomes just another day at the office.

Yellow Brick Road

In the Wizard of OZ, Dorothy had her yellow brick road. No matter the obstacle, fire balls, fields of poppy’s or flying monkeys, her path to success was already laid out and all she had to do was follow it. For a small business owner, it is not as simple. The road must be planned, mapped out and paved from scratch and that’s where Braustin Consulting Group comes in.

If you’ve found yourself struggling with some of the problems below, give us a call and let us work together to give your company a clear plan to success.

    • I have a great idea or product, but no idea how to take it to market.


    • We’re bringing in plenty of leads, but there doesn’t seem to be a buyer in the bunch.


    • My sales team is good, but our follow-up system has too many holes in it and buyers are falling through the cracks.


    • I know I could make better marketing decisions if I just knew what my buyer looked like.


    • I am a big picture person. I need help with systems and processes to manage my sales force.


    • My team stays busy, but we never seem to hit our sales goals.


    • When customers call or email us, we release them back into the wild and hope they come back to buy from us.


    • I need to expertise of a General Manager, but can’t afford to hire one full time.


    • I spend money on marketing, but I have no idea what it is doing for me.



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