The Braustin Consulting Group Story

The Braustin Consulting Group Story

Growing up, my brothers and I always seemed to find ways to accomplish things together in business. As kids, my brother Jason and I wanted Game Boys. When we asked my dad, he told us to go earn the money and he would drive us to buy them. Safari Lawn Care was born that summer complete with business cards and a fake bank account. My dad even got us fake check books to teach us how to balance our accounts and track income and expenses.As young adults, we worked together, the three of us, in the mall selling cell phones. Jason was the manager and Jonathan and I pushed hard for big numbers not only to make us money, but also help to make him look good as our manager.

A couple years later, I began my career in the factory built housing industry. By the next year, I was running my own store as the General Manager and called upon my brother Jonathan to join me as our marketing rep. We grew in our relationship not only as brothers, but also as business partners.

A few years later, I was given the opportunity by another company to create a new division for the owner. We were asked to develop and implement a completely new system within the industry and I knew exactly who I wanted by my side as sales manager. Jonathan and I worked our tails off to turn the owner’s idea into a viable business and our team ended up doing over 5.2 million in sales within 12 months of our initial proof of concept.

The next year, our family ended up losing Jonathan in a motorcycle accident. It was an extremely hard time not only for our family, but also our team at the office. Almost immediately, my brother Jason quit his job, sold his house and packed up his family to move back to San Antonio and help me continue to push the company forward.

Growing up, the three of us picked on each other and bickered from time to time as brothers do, but more than anything we have had each other’s back.

Jason and I began the next chapter of our professional lives together as Sales and Marketing Coaches. We bring over 20 years combined experience as top sales producers and managers who have developed and implemented successful sales processes for top performing teams.


We chose the name of our company, Braustin, as a combination of our three middle names to remind us daily of importance of family in our lives. Braustin is as much Jonathan’s legacy as it is ours and we pour our entire selves into the work we do for our clients to honor our brother’s legacy.

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